Question: What should I expect from the initial interview ?

An initial interview with a classical homeopath will usually take up to two hours. To understand your unique individuality, your homeopath will ask for detailed information about your physical, mental, and emotional health and your personal likes and dislikes. Of particular interest will be your own reactions to the external world, such as temperature, weather, food, etc. Your homeopath will also search for factors that may have contributed to or caused your illness, including stress, shock, traumas, or perhaps family history.

Question: When will I get my remedy ?

Your homeopath might prescribe immediately or may study your case and supply a remedy at a later date.

Question: Do I have to follow up with my homeopath after taking remedy?

A follow-up visit to determine how effective the remedy has been is usually scheduled four to six weeks after taking the remedy. It is important to realize that treatment of chronic diseases is a process that takes time, especially when other medications are involved. Your homeopath will require regular follow-up visits in order to assess your reaction to your remedy and to decide whether to repeat it, change its potency, or move on to another remedy.